For my children and our family, NISL is our second home. I consider myself as a veteran parent in the school as this is the 11th year since we join NISL with my older daughter. She already graduated from NISL after completing 9 years all the way from Minimax until her last 6th Grade and we are now following my younger daughter who is in her 4th Grade and spending her 7th year in the school! Any parent will understand how challenging is here in Lagos to have the children placed in different schools but for us it was so obvious and without a second thought to keep our younger daughter here at NISL despite all challenges because of the great experience we’ve had and having with the school: It’s a close community feel-like, from the so-warm welcoming daily reception at the gate all the way to a very close and special Parents-Teachers and Management relationship. The teachers here in NISL are different from what you’ve expected in a normal school environment, so much responding, ready to assist and very much involved in any little part that the parent or the child is require intervention or special attention. This is one of the key unique things that the school is offering. If you add a great atmosphere in the school and in classes and the fact that we are community-size, you now understand why many of us are considering it as our second home.