Mrs. Claske, this is Benício’s last day at school and we will be leaving Lagos soon. Our assignment is almost over and we are happy to go back home. Still we are also sad. As always, human relations surpass all the aspects of living abroad leaving unwashed marks on us, not the beauties of difficulties of a place. NISL is definitely a part of this moment in our lives that will be engraved in our heats with happy and good memories. We do not have words to thank you and Ms. Teni for the way Benício was embraced and cared. Not to mention how much he learned! And how many friends he made, from the first day! Not only from grade one. From the school door, in the football pitch, from the school staff he was embraced from everyone. Thanks a lot. I would like to ask you to forward this message to Year One group, if possible, so that other parents know how we feel. Please let the kids know how thankful we are. Please let Ms. Dipa, Ms. Noami and Carla receive our thanks. We do not control or know what is coming to us. But we definitely have part of us here in Lagos and NISL is much responsible for this!