Hi, my name is Barbara, I am Benjamin and Hannah‘s mum. Benji and Hannah joined NISL in September 2018. They are now in Year 5 and Year 3. I have always loved the open doors policy, I used to love being able to freely walk my kids to their classrooms in the morning when they were smaller, chat to their teachers and chat to other parents on the school grounds every day. Being able to get to know the staff and teachers and other parents and caregivers helps encourage a friendly and inclusive community, and this in itself has helped my children feel secure and I have seen them grow in confidence through the years. The parent/teacher partnership is valued which I really love as this I believe is key to being able to closely monitor each child’s development and wellbeing.

The yearly events are all well organized and fun, from Crazy Hair Day to Sinterklass, Classic is Fantastic, the school shows and sports competitions, there are so many opportunities for them to try something new and boost their self-confidence whilst injecting lots of fun and excitement throughout the year! The curriculum itself is perfect to learn in novel and creative ways, and through the IPC units to learn all kinds of things about the world from History to Geography and Science. They also learn through specialist classes of Music, Art, French and PE and PA. I believe the primary years should be all about developing in a fun, safe and encouraging environment, and being challenged to just right amount in order to lay a strong, resilient foundation. I think NISL has done that for my children.