It’s been 5 years since placing our first child at NISL, 5 years that really feel like yesterday as it has felt nothing less than a home away from home! The school atmosphere strongly resembles a family and a great feeling of togetherness which is underpinned by easy, multiple, and transparent communication channels between families and the school staff, right from the head of school, teachers, and through to general staff. There is a remarkable effort to make each family feel at home and each family is attended to on a personal level.

I’ll do no justice if I fail to mention two observations that reinforced the positive impact the school has had on my two children who are currently enrolled. In one case, both my children are reluctant to leave school when the school activities are done, they never have enough of the school! In the other case, whilst on holiday, I was surprised to have my older child ask when he was starting school again as he missed it and his friends, what a school!

NISL also recognises diversity and simultaneously encourages and demonstrates inclusivity which has taught our children to appreciate different cultures. We ❤️ NISL.