Mrs. Claske, this is Benício’s last day at school and we will be leaving Lagos soon. Our assignment is almost over and we are happy to go back home. Still we are also sad. As always, human relations surpass all the aspects of living abroad leaving unwashed marks on us, not the beauties of difficulties […]


To my 2nd comfort zone, where both my daughters grew up at. It wasn’t only me watching my children grow up, it was this exact school as well. When my first daughter graduated, she felt all her memories have gone into NISL. We are thankful we put our children into this school where memories sink […]

Van Loenen

Our road on Nisl has been very long. All our children started their schooling career at NISL. Daniel was the first one in 2005, thereafter Deborah followed and last but not least Daphne. All our kids have enjoyed their stay at NISL which has proven a good base for them. We as parents have also […]


As a parent, I hope that when I leave Emily and Ella at school they are safe, happy and, ultimately that they are learning. I see intellectual and emotional growth is fostered by the school.NISL has strong home-school communication. A fun and supportive school environment. We just love NISL like a family. We see academic […]


For my children and our family, NISL is our second home. I consider myself as a veteran parent in the school as this is the 11th year since we join NISL with my older daughter. She already graduated from NISL after completing 9 years all the way from Minimax until her last 6th Grade and […]


Hi, my name is Barbara, I am Benjamin and Hannah‘s mum. Benji and Hannah joined NISL in September 2018. They are now in Year 5 and Year 3. I have always loved the open doors policy, I used to love being able to freely walk my kids to their classrooms in the morning when they […]


Having visited numerous schools, my husband and I felt NISL was the right fit for our children’s education and development. We wanted a social environment that our girls would be able to interact with children from diverse backgrounds and cultures. With my background in the Montessori philosophy and methods, it was very important to me […]


It’s been 5 years since placing our first child at NISL, 5 years that really feel like yesterday as it has felt nothing less than a home away from home! The school atmosphere strongly resembles a family and a great feeling of togetherness which is underpinned by easy, multiple, and transparent communication channels between families […]