At our school, ICT takes a very important place in our curriculum. Every classroom from Pre reception / groep 1 and above has a smart board and several devices; computers & tablets. ICT lessons are provided for the older years in class and in our ICT suite.

Groep 1/2/3 Class ICT Lesson
ICT Suit InCas Assessment


Web based Education in the Dutch Stream
This academic year we started working with Snappet in the Dutch Stream. Snappet is an adaptive education platform that challenges every child to develop to their full potential. It is online based and children use a tablet to work with it. In the Dutch Stream we already work with well balanced and regularly updated schemes for years. These schemes usually contain a textbook and a workbook for children to work in. These workbooks are now being replaced by Snappet. Every lesson still starts with an instruction by the class teacher, because a teacher can’t be replaced. After the instruction, when the children start practicing their newly acquired skills, that is where Snappet comes in. Instead of working on paper in their workbooks, children will now take their tablet and make all the exercises on their tablet. Working with Snappet has some great advantages. First of all, children love it! They really enjoy doing their exercises on the tablet; so much more fun than writing them down in their books. Also the program immediately assesses every exercise a child can do. They immediately get feedback on their work and if needed this give them the opportunity to change their strategy to get to the correct answer. The program is progressive, so if the child does well, it moves on to a more difficult task and if the child struggles it gets easier or more of the same type of exercises. The teacher gets an overview on his/her dashboard with the results of all children in class. The teacher can see who is making mistakes, who is working very well, what exercise seems to be difficult and who is struggling and can take immediate action based on those results. Teachers can plan tasks for a whole class, but also for individual children, so children can work on their own personal learning goals. Last but not least, recent research has also shown that children’s’ results improve when working with Snappet. We are very proud to say that we can now call ourselves a “SNAPPET SCHOOL”. More information can be found on

In the English stream we will soon start using IXL for Math and Literacy. IXL is an immersive learning experience that provides comprehensive, curriculum-aligned mathematics and English content for preschool to grade 12. More information about IXL on NISL will follow soon.