Character of School

NISL is a public Primary School, which means that there is a place for all children, regardless of ethnic origin, religion or culture. We endeavor to create an environment where each child can develop to their full potential in the social, emotional, cognitive, motor and sensory areas.

Furthermore, we strive to ensure that children feel at home as quickly as possible in their new school and that they are placed into the appropriate educational level for them.

Our pupils come from schools in the Netherlands and Belgium and from both Dutch and International Schools abroad. The duration of their stay at our school varies widely. A few continue throughout Primary School, some remain for 3 to 4 years and some stay for only one year. Our ability to manage these incoming and outgoing students is a hallmark of our school.

Mission Statement

We are a Dutch and International School for children between 20 months till 12 years old. We deliver two broad, balance and relevant curriculums that will inspire children into a lifelong love of learning, whilst preparing them to live in a globally, ever changing, competitive world.

Vision Statement

For nearly 50 years we have offered children excellent quality education in Lagos. A school where children will learn in a happy, safe and nurturing environment and are expected to develop their full potential; in a socially, emotionally, creativity, intellectually and physical way. A school where instruction is effectively planned, using a range of strategies for the unique needs of our pupils by highly professional staff who are not afraid to change, develop and evolve.