We offer a wide range of activities at NISL which cater not only for our ‘sporty’ pupils but also those who enjoy the arts, science and technology. We have a fully equipped PE hall for games such as tennis, badminton and basketball in our Racquet and Ball Games Club. This hall also caters well for our Free Gym Club where children have access to gymnastic mats, a mini-trampoline, and balance equipment. Dance and Karate enjoy this large space too. Soccer is offered as a very popular club on Saturdays. Children use both the Hall and the field to practice soccer skills and they play seven-a-side matches on our own field. Our most popular After School Activity is Music where children ranging from 4 to 11 have the opportunity to learn to read music and play the keyboard.

Activities for this term consist:

Chess & Scrabble Club – Let’s develop our concentration level, sharpen our decision-making ability, and apply our problem solving  kills through the game of chess!

Superstar Soccer – Dribble like Messi, score like Ronaldo. Helping our kids become the football stars they are meant to be.

Art and Craft Club – It’s a fun platform where we develop aesthetic values and enhance the creative skills and artistic talents of the  children. Activities includes simple quilling, P.O.P Moulds, glass painting, collage, canvas painting, observational drawing amongst others.

Coding Club – The new way to improve your programming skills whilst having fun is to unleash your inner hacker and start to code using Scratch software and to develop web applications using text-based languages.

Hip Hop – Come have a feel of the magical moment while you dance with Mr DaSilva. In this club, we create strong and confident minds and let the children express their inner talents while having fun.

Music Explorer – Music explorer club Is a fun music club that gives children a wonderful opportunity to learn to play traditional and popular songs on a range of instruments, leading to a mini performance at the end of each term.

Karate – It is a self defense program that builds confidence, focus, self-esteem, strength, character and the general well-being of practitioners.

STEAM Club – STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math which aims at igniting the Passion for Science and Technology in children in a fun learning way. Using Hands on modelling and Project based learning methods that mimics modern day technologies pertinent to the world today.

Gymnastics – Gymnastics promotes all round development in children from muscular strength and flexibility, balance and coordination, strength daily required, to focus and discipline to fulfil desirable task.

Basketball – Let us get on a ride to being a Super Star. You will get to improve your motor coordination, flexibility and endurance level by developing your basketball skills. Activities will include basketball fundamentals, dribbling, passing, footwork, formations, positioning and teamwork.

Bricks4kidz – Bricks4kidz is a Creative, Science + Engineering program. It involves using Lego bricks as a S.T.E.M learning tool Benefits: Hands-on, project-based programs, merging physical with digital and developing complex problem solving and critical thinking skills

Dutch Club – Fun club with variety of activities, from craft and games to songs and baking, all related to the  Netherlands. Looking forward to saying ‘Welkom’ to you

Yoga – Yoga is known to have a positive impact on children’s wellbeing and has a wealth of benefits from developing strength and flexibility to improving balance and stability, to encouraging healthy eating which in the end helps us with strong mental resilience, increased focus and long attention span.

Ballet Ballet can help you become the dancer of your dreams, build strength, grace and poise while making you part of a global team and family. Join us at Beautiful Feet ballet for a life changing experience.

Cooking and Baking Club In this class you will enjoy learning the basics of baking from the scratch. Showing you how to measure your ingredients to learning simple recipes that give you that breath-taking delicious treat you’ve always dreamt of.