The after school activities of this term covers below listed activities:


Music Club
Music Explorers Club is a great introduction to the rudiments of music for Early Beginners. Term 1 will focus on the Piano Keyboard, with children learning to play well known tunes using a combination of rote learning as well as reading music notation.
Art and Craft Club
This club is run by Mrs. Dewunmi Etti. Dewunmi is an experienced Child Practitioner and mother of three, who is passionate about children expressing their creative nature. She runs her own art and craft school in her home, has done so for many years and has a wealth of experience with children.
Beautiful feet
Become the ballerina of your dreams through our fun and creative classical ballet dance class with Mrs. Mya Lawrence. For children from age 5-10. Boys are welcome.
Chess/Scrabble Club
We develop the children’s concentration level, sharpen their decision-making ability, and apply problem-solving skills through the game of chess.
The younger children really enjoyed this new initiative last term and we hope to see some new pupils joining. Mr. Osho is looking forward to welcoming you to gymnastics. A minimum of 10 children are required for it to run.
Junior Football
Calling all Super Strikers! Coach Emike/Mr Joshua will be introducing new and existing football skills of the younger children in offering weekday football this term.
Prepare your children with skills for the future! At Bricks4kidz, children learn concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math using Lego Bricks. We build, we learn, we have fun with Lego bricks.
Hip Hop and Street Dance
For us, dance is like the air we breathe, it is a universal language that changes and transforms lives. This club is run by Mr. Da-Silva who will be teaching dance in a fun way to enable the children develop a proper creative outlet for creative expression.
Mr. Jude Oyibokure, who runs this club, is also a karate instructor at The American International School Lagos. He teaches self-defence to children of age 5 and above. This enhances focus, erases inferiority complex, creates perfection of character, discipline, overall well being and above all, self-defence skill. Karate is fun and learning for your kids.
STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math which aims at igniting the Passion for Science and Technology in children in a fun learning way. Using Hands on modelling and Project based learning methods that mimics modern day technologies pertinent to the world today.
Let’s get on the ride to being a Super Star. You will get to improve your motor coordination, flexibility, and endurance level by developing your basketball skills. Activities will include basketball fundamentals, dribbling, passing, footwork, formations, positioning and teamwork.
In coding club we teach students to writing programs to making their own games whilst developing coding skills and cognitive thinking.