The French language has an important role within the NISL English Stream. Lessons are delivered to Reception students (2 half hour lessons per week) right through to our Year 6 students (3 45minute lessons per week). A native French speaker, qualified and experienced teacher teaches the lessons. During the academic year we follow the method ZIG ZAG, house of edition CLE International. We also use ‘Francais Précoce’ on the Internet.

The three main goals of French lessons at NISL are:

  • Children are able to communicate in French and express themselves confidently in everyday situations.
  • Children are able to understand French through listening and reading
  • Children are able to express themselves in French in a variety of situations in an understandable way orally as well as in writing.

The focus in Reception and Year 1 is mainly speaking and listening and expanding vocabulary through stories/songs. From Year 2 upwards; the focus is more on phonic development, listening, reading and writing skills. Progress is assessed by continual observation. The NISL does not cater for a transition to French International education. For parents who expect more French skills we can offer French afterschool. Parents are expected to pay for these lessons.