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The Netherlands International School Lagos (NISL) is a non-profit small-scale primary school in old Ikoyi, a safe and primarily residential area. NISL was traditionally located on Dutch Consulate grounds and maintains an excellent relationship with them.

At NISL, children aged 18 months to 11 years of age are taught either the Dutch, British or EYFS curriculum. We embrace topic based learning with the use of the International Primary Curriculum which helps our children to connect dots in their learning.

Children of all nationalities, religions and cultural backgrounds are welcome. We celebrate and enjoy our diversity at NISL!

Our teachers are driven, qualified and attentive to the needs of every child. In small groups we use the latest teaching techniques. Differentiation is on the forefront of our minds and and with all ages and stages, we take pride in looking at individual potential, learning styles and preferences.

We would be delighted to meet you and share the family atmosphere and positive ethos that make our school so special.

NISL is unique, exclusive and community minded ... home away from home where education is holistic and individualised.

Do pop by or give us a call.

Visiting hour for enquiry
Monday - Thursday: 9.00am - 11.00am

"Ik vond het leuk toen ik in Minimax en Maximax zat omdat ik heel veel kon spelen. Nu ben ik 8 en veel slimmer dan toen!"

CJ Uijlenhoed
Year 4

"I like coming to school to play and work!"

Natachi Odu
Year 1

"Een geweldige school om te werken; een professionele werkomgeving, een fijne groep ouders en natuurlijk enthousiaste kinderen!"

Claske Lekala
Class Teacher

"I like working at NISL because it’s a well structured school where both teacher and student needs are top priority. The environment is friendly and well suited for fun and learning."

Tolani Ehindero
Class Teacher

Our Happy Parents


Hi, my name is Barbara, I am Benjamin and Hannah‘s mum. Benji and Hannah joined NISL in September 2018. They are now in Year 5 and Year 3. I have always loved the open doors policy, I used to love being able to freely walk my kids to their classrooms in the morning when they were smaller, chat to their teachers and chat to other parents on the school grounds every day. Being able to get to know the staff and teachers and other parents and caregivers helps encourage a friendly and inclusive community, and this in itself has helped my children feel secure and I have seen them grow in confidence through the years. The parent/teacher partnership is valued which I really love as this I believe is key to being able to closely monitor each child’s development and wellbeing.

The yearly events are all well organized and fun, from Crazy Hair Day to Sinterklass, Classic is Fantastic, the school shows and sports competitions, there are so many opportunities for them to try something new and boost their self-confidence whilst injecting lots of fun and excitement throughout the year! The curriculum itself is perfect to learn in novel and creative ways, and through the IPC units to learn all kinds of things about the world from History to Geography and Science. They also learn through specialist classes of Music, Art, French and PE and PA. I believe the primary years should be all about developing in a fun, safe and encouraging environment, and being challenged to just right amount in order to lay a strong, resilient foundation. I think NISL has done that for my children.


Having visited numerous schools, my husband and I felt NISL was the right fit for our children’s education and development. We wanted a social environment that our girls would be able to interact with children from diverse backgrounds and cultures. With my background in the Montessori philosophy and methods, it was very important to me that my children were given freedom to explore and to learn through play and this is the magic of NISL.

We have never looked back or regretted it. I love the tight knit community the school offers; you feel very at home right from the gate. The heartwarming welcome from the security all the way to the teachers and teaching assistants was something that stood out to me and still does to this day. My girls absolutely love it here, could not be happier with the school.


It’s been 5 years since placing our first child at NISL, 5 years that really feel like yesterday as it has felt nothing less than a home away from home! The school atmosphere strongly resembles a family and a great feeling of togetherness which is underpinned by easy, multiple, and transparent communication channels between families and the school staff, right from the head of school, teachers, and through to general staff. There is a remarkable effort to make each family feel at home and each family is attended to on a personal level.

I’ll do no justice if I fail to mention two observations that reinforced the positive impact the school has had on my two children who are currently enrolled. In one case, both my children are reluctant to leave school when the school activities are done, they never have enough of the school! In the other case, whilst on holiday, I was surprised to have my older child ask when he was starting school again as he missed it and his friends, what a school!

NISL also recognises diversity and simultaneously encourages and demonstrates inclusivity which has taught our children to appreciate different cultures. We ❤️ NISL.


For my children and our family, NISL is our second home. I consider myself as a veteran parent in the school as this is the 11th year since we join NISL with my older daughter. She already graduated from NISL after completing 9 years all the way from Minimax until her last 6th Grade and we are now following my younger daughter who is in her 4th Grade and spending her 7th year in the school! Any parent will understand how challenging is here in Lagos to have the children placed in different schools but for us it was so obvious and without a second thought to keep our younger daughter here at NISL despite all challenges because of the great experience we’ve had and having with the school: It’s a close community feel-like, from the so-warm welcoming daily reception at the gate all the way to a very close and special Parents-Teachers and Management relationship. The teachers here in NISL are different from what you’ve expected in a normal school environment, so much responding, ready to assist and very much involved in any little part that the parent or the child is require intervention or special attention. This is one of the key unique things that the school is offering. If you add a great atmosphere in the school and in classes and the fact that we are community-size, you now understand why many of us are considering it as our second home.


As a parent, I hope that when I leave Emily and Ella at school they are safe, happy and, ultimately that they are learning. I see intellectual and emotional growth is fostered by the school.NISL has strong home-school communication. A fun and supportive school environment. We just love NISL like a family.

We see academic excellence and whole child education. We are a small community with big heart.

Van Loenen

Our road on Nisl has been very long. All our children started their schooling career at NISL. Daniel was the first one in 2005, thereafter Deborah followed and last but not least Daphne. All our kids have enjoyed their stay at NISL which has proven a good base for them. We as parents have also enjoyed the school and are still enjoying. The NISL community is a small but nice and tight one. We and our children have made friends for life at the school. NISL keep it up what you have achieved and what you are doing.


To my 2nd comfort zone, where both my daughters grew up at. It wasn’t only me watching my children grow up, it was this exact school as well. When my first daughter graduated, she felt all her memories have gone into NISL. We are thankful we put our children into this school where memories sink at last.


We were looking for a school for our son, who was due to join Year 1 this year. We visited a few schools and we felt that NISL would be the most suitable one for our child. We liked the atmosphere of the school, the attitude of the school teachers and staff (even up to the security personnel), and also the mix of nationalities in the classroom teachers and students. We are a Chinese Indonesian family, who have lived in Nigeria for more than 10 years. We want our son to be able to adapt to cultural differences and diversities, we believe NISL would be a good place for such exposure. Now that we have been with NISL for a couple of weeks, we can see how well organized NISL is, the classroom is now fitted with a touch screen panel as well to support the learning process. My son enjoys the school, and we can see his improvement. Receiving the daily update from his class teacher is very satisfying as we can see his day-to-day activity closely. The school location is also very strategic as it can be reached from multiple access roads, on which traffic can be avoided. Overall, we are glad to have put our son in NISL and we hope that NISL will continue to provide its best for the growth of its students.