The NISL is famous for their events. It is a mixture of typical Dutch, Nigerian & International events. Below you will find a short explanation of all events during a NISL school year.

Sport Day
To reinforce our belief that physical education is a part of the curriculum and important for life skills we host an annual inter team sports day around the month of November. This year; to tie in with the Olympian theme we held our own mini Olympics on the school grounds a little earlier than usual in the year. We have the luxury of a large field and other suitable areas so that a round robin style of organisation ensures that teams move around from one activity to another. These include ball throwing, long jump and obstacle circuits. We end the day with events such as more competitive relay races and sprints. This year’s Sports Day was another very successful and enjoyable event which also doubled up as the Exit Point for the IPC unit ‘Olympics – Going for Gold’. As in previous years the children were divided into four teams. For our version of the Olympic Games we used the following continental teams: Africa, America, Eurasia and Oceania. The children earned points for their teams in the five individual events which included the obstacle course, sprint, bean bag throw, ball throw and long jump. Later they all took part in tean sprint relay races. Eurasia were the eventual winners but, more importantly, it was a fun filled day with the Olympic spirit on show across the whole school including teachers, parents and, of course, the children.
Nigeria Independence Day
We take great pride in celebrating our host country despite the diversity of the school and insist that all ages learn the words of the Nigerian National Anthem and come dressed to school for our celebratory day in Nigerian national attire. The day usually comprises of storytelling of traditional folktales such as Ajakpa and some form of cultural dance lessons or drumming workshops. The children enjoy arts and crafts activities with beads and play games such as basket carrying and “okada racing”. It has become a tradition to end the day with a class by class fashion parade and a buffet style Nigerian lunch.