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The after school activities of this term covers below listed activities:

Music Club
Run by staff from Kunbi’s Music Company. They provide a structured approach to music education where students are encouraged to learn for pleasure and for music qualifications. The content and pace of the classes are tailored according to the abilities of each group.
Art and Craft Club
Mrs. Dewunmi Etti runs this club. Dewunmi is an experienced Child Practitioner and mother of three, who is passionate about children expressing their creative nature. She runs her own art and craft school in her home, has done so for many years and has a wealth of experience with children.
Beautiful feet
Become the ballerina of you dreams through our fun and creative classical ballet dance class with Mrs. Mya Lawrence. For kids from age 3-10. Boys are welcome.
Stage School
BE A STAR ONSTAGE! Gain confidence through the performing arts. Every term we will work on a short musical production to showcase. Focusing on theatrical, dance and singing skills. FUN! FUN! FUN!Stage school is run by Marianne Gladwin, with over 25 years’ experience in the performing arts, and 7 years teaching at N.I.S.L.
The younger children really enjoyed this new initiative last term and we hope to see some new pupils joining. Mr. Osho and Miss Victoria are looking forward to welcoming you to gymnastics. A minimum of 10 children is required for it to run.
Junior Football
Mr Omon will develop the football skills of the younger children in offering weekday football this term
Prepare your kids with skills for the future! At Bricks4kidz, children learn concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math using Lego Bricks. We build. We learn with Lego bricks.
Saturday soccer is run by Mr. Omon and his coaches. All children from Reception and Groep 1 upwards are welcome. The focus is on building skills and learning to play with a team in ‘fun’ match experiences.
Hip Hop and Street Dance
For us, dance is like the air we breathe, it is a universal language that changes and transforms lives. This club is run by Mr. Da-Silva who will be teaching dance in a fun way to enable the children develop a proper creative outlet for creative expression.
Jude Oyibokure, who runs this club, is also a karate instructor at The American International School Lagos. He teaches self-defence to children of age 5 and above. This enhances focus, erases inferiority complex and creates perfection of character, discipline, overall well being and above all, self-defence skill. Karate is fun and learning for your kids.
Come one, come all... Dutch is the way to go!Children from Ages 5 to 10 are welcome to learn the wonderful language. If you are a beginner or you already know a few words/phrases, these classes will help you polish your speaking and reading skills. Juf Danitsa awaits you!
Perfect for our younger Zumba fans! Suitable for kids between ages oof 7 to 10 years, Zumba for kids class features kids friendly routines based on original Zumba choreography to their favourite songs. This class will help kids develop a healthy lifesytle and incorporate fitness as a natural part of children's lives by making fitness fun. We will work on key development elements like leadership, respect, team work, confidence, self-esteem, memory, creativity and coordination. This club is run by Miss Laxmi
"Dive like dolphin, swim like a shark!" Mr. Kayode, the swim teacher make sure the best of swimming comes out from your children.