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Dear NISL families,

The days and weeks are passing, and it seems that this forum is beginning to naturally serve as weekly update/Newsletter in this COVID-19 related period.

School Opening
As I'm sure many of you understand, there is simply no way yet to ascertain or predict the date for school opening. Let's stay positive and hopeful. The Board and Management will surely keep you updated.

Family Time
Today, we hope the children are having some downtime and enjoying the beginning of a long weekend.

Distance Learning
Tomorrow you will receive details via Class Teachers for next week's distance learning. A timetable for additional Specialist ONLINE lessons will be sent tomorrow with class work. PE has not been included for timetabling reasons and because we feel if your day is structured with the recommended breaks, the children will have opportunities for physical activity. Links for PE lessons in both Dutch and English will continue to be sent. Specialist Zoom lessons are RECOMMENDED rather than compulsory and have been timetabled for Year 1 and Groep 3 upward.

Poetry Competition
We were inundated with poems relating to FREEDOM after the request to send in entries, marking 75 years of freedom for The Netherlands since World War II.
Winning Poems  
Categories were decided upon by the three committee judges (juf Danitsa, Miss Esther and Mrs Diyana) and although there were two overall winners (older and younger) a total of eleven children will in fact be receiving congratulatory prizes. Well done of course to everyone who submitted poems; though some decisions were unanimous, it seems some caused much discussion and deliberation. Please see the below/attached document. A heart-warming and stunning collection.

Moment of silence in the Netherlands is on Monday 4th May (Remembrance Day) 8pm.
Nigeria time : 7pm.
Please can all NISL families support and join.

Reyhan D'Souza
Year 3

Alawari Donald-Horsfall
Year 5
The committee thought your poem was stunning. It was sensitively written and so patriotic. Well done!
The committee thought your poem was so heart felt yet fierce. What a clever idea. Gave us goosebumps!

Classic is Fantastic
Having successfully pulled together an art exhibition and concert last year with our "pioneer" Classic is Fantastic-event, this year we aim for our first online "with-a-twist" compilation. All NISL Band-members are invited to participate. Any other children who play an instrument, have a beautiful singing voice or can confidently rap should please contact me by Monday 4th May 9am at the latest. Zoom-lessons will be scheduled for those taking part. This is open to Year 2 and Groep 4 upward students and will require confidence and commitment.

Missing the Children
I am delighted to have received voice notes, videos and pictures of and from many children. Please let them know that I, in fact WE, miss them incredibly.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control