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Dear NISL families,

We remain ever positive at NISL and continue to tackle these strange times with a resilient attitude, smile and weekly review. Everyone's safety takes priority over school opening and no date can be announced as yet.

Distance Learning
We would like you to all take note of the amended and updated ZOOM OVERVIEW SCHEDULE (with VERSION 3 in footer). The changes on this affect Year 3/Groep 5 IPC, Year 5/6 IPC and Reception/Groep 1 and 2 lessons.

On Monday morning we will send an overview of all Zoom invites for Specialist/optional lessons.
You will receive work for all classes via email today by 3pm for next week's learning.

If you have arranged for printing or requested for exercise books; please collect at your convenience from the School Security Post this Saturday.

Deliveries will be made of work packs at a similar time to last week to those who have asked.

Intent Forms
Due to all the uncertainties we face currently, we have held back from sending our annual Intent Forms to families. We do, however, need to assess numbers for next year as we order resources and organise the staff line up. Kindly Click here to fill the intent form.

It is important that you indicate via the form being sent with today's email, whether or not you think your child(ren) will be returning for the next academic year 2020/2021.

Classic is Fantastic
Mrs Ritu has requested that all children persevere with their art work as some of their work sent in will surely be integrated into our "with a twist" compilation.

In addition to this, a group of children have commenced with evening rehearsals online and will be sharing their masterpiece with you on Friday 5th June as opposed to the originally mentioned 22nd May… Masterpieces after all don't come together overnight

School Camp
We would like to send a virtual hug to our Year 5 and 6 students as we know they are disappointed not to be sleeping in school this weekend for the originally planned School Camp. Someday, someway, we will still try!

International Day
Class Teachers will all have made mention in their mails of suggested activities for next Friday 22nd's INTERNATIONAL DAY.

Our diversity has always been a factor to celebrate at NISL and even if we cannot physically be together, we want to dress up, meet online and share facts about our home countries and backgrounds.

Thank you for taking the time to read our weekly updates. Be sure to fill in the intent forms as mentioned above and submit them to

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control