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Dear NISL families,

And soon the distance learning begins . . .

Please read carefully through our cover sheet and Parent Advice letter for distance learning. You will receive this via email/hard copy/COVID-19 WhatsApp Group.

Some Specialist Teacher work may well have been included in packs but there is more to come. An overview of specialist tasks will be sent to you early next week via Class Teachers (with more work to keep everyone engaged).

Any questions relating to Specialist Subjects should be directed to the Specialist Teachers themselves who are also working from home over the coming fortnight.
All contact details will be on the overview.

We look forward to saying a personal face to face "goodbye for now" at pick up time later today.

Anyone that we cannot see; we of course wish you well and assure you WE ARE ACCESSIBLE.

Anyone who needs to collect work over the weekend or on Monday 23rd March can do so from our security post.

If you have any questions please do let us know.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control