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Dear NISL families,

We appreciate that many of you will have now heard of some schools announcing earlier than planned closure (either today, Friday 20th or Friday 27th). As we openly stated yesterday; we respect the choice of every school and governing body.

Some schools of course that we also liaise with are choosing to stay open until further review. NISL is literally reviewing its decision on the hour with reliable government sources. The main reason for sudden closure seems more related to preparation of work for the students rather than as a precautionary measure against COVID-19 itself. We can assure you that if we do decide to close earlier than scheduled work is already prepared for distance learning.

In light of international travel restrictions now being officially announced by the government as of Saturday 21st March; we feel assured that our travel questionnaire was essential and are very glad we compiled it. Thank you to those families who have already disclosed their travel plans so that we can monitor who is or will be self-isolating.

For now; we remain open.

We will keep you well informed of any change.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control