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Dear NISL families,

I sincerely cannot believe that this will be my second to last communique with you all; before the end of the school year. Never in a million years would I have guessed in August 2019 as I welcomed you at the gates that this is how I would be bidding you farewell. Let's really make next week special together and for each other!

Final Week Learning

We had mentioned in last week's update that there would be no print packs for the final week. You will still all receive, at some point today, an email from Class Teachers with tasks and expectations for next week. There is an optional, external writing competition that we encourage for Year 1 upward children next week; details are forwarded below. Class Teachers will further explain upon request.

The Zoom Overview is quite different for this last week so please; you really need to take careful note of the attachment being sent; ZOOM OVERVIEW FOR FINAL WEEK.

Specialist lessons will only hold on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. These remain optional. Some days will look rather full, so you may want to let the children choose.

Times of Class Teacher Zooms may also be different. Class Teachers need to be more accessible on Tuesday and Wednesday for you, the Parents, which is why we have adapted the overview so much.

Parent Teacher Conferences

After receiving the final report for this school year on Monday, you may want to share thoughts, ask questions or wave off the Teacher who has dedicated this year to your child. We are therefore offering call conferences which are mostly now all arranged via Class Teachers. Please note that today is the deadline for your request, so please message the Class Teacher privately if you haven't already done so.


Despite being in different homes and across different continents; the number of orders for Yearbooks have astounded us. We aim to have Yearbooks ready for collection from School by Tuesday 30th June. It's never easy to guarantee dates with printers etc, so please await our confirmation.

A big well done to ABIGAIL YAUN, this year's Yearbook Cover Champion and to RAMSEY MAINPRIZE a super, spectacular runner up. The panel of judges; Mr Frits, Mrs Lola, Mr Salami and Yearbook Mum (Mrs Carla) said it was a very tough choice!

Repatriation Flights/Travel

Please be reminded that we wave you off with best wishes and hope that those still leaving Lagos indeed have a safe and stress-free journey. Do endeavour to return by the 8th/9th August so that quarantine period can be possible before our long-awaited reunion and resumption.

Leavers' NISL Mugs

A surreal end; to not shake hands and hug the children of NISL who walk away to embark on the next steppingstone of their journey called life. Another school, for some another country... indeed, another chapter. I will contact families personally this weekend to share some special words and arrange collection or delivery or the traditional farewell keepsake; the NISL Mug!

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control