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Dear NISL families,

It’s Democracy Day tomorrow; wishing you a peaceful and happy one at home with your families!

Distance Learning
Work packs that are being printed by the school for next week should please be collected this Saturday 13th June from our security post at a time convenient to you. This will be the final batch of printing as we will focus more on interactive challenges and quizzes in the final week; commencing 22nd June. Details of this will be sent to you next week. Work for next week will be emailed to you by Class Teachers.

School Photographs
Please be reminded that school photographs have now been safely stored away and cannot be collected. We prefer to do this in August when school reopens.

A final reminder that orders/payments should be made via Miss Alice tomorrow at the latest. Movement, printing and logistics are all much harder now than usual so we really will not be able to entertain late requests. Tomorrow is also the final day for the Cover Competition; portrait entries with the theme of FLYING HIGH should be sent to

Parent Reflection Reports
Thank you so much for the honest and constructive feedback. For those of you who advised us on how we could have improved things; we take this on board. For those who complimented our efforts; we would like to show gratitude. Parent (and child) reflection reports are compulsory for the EYFS and Groep 1/2 as they actually form part of the final report. Though the feedback for older years (Year 1 and Groep 3 upward) is more so for our own records rather than the final report; we do sincerely value home-school partnership so please do take the time to fill out the form and email it to Class Teachers.

Repatriation Flights/Travel
Many of our families, even some staff, are already abroad or now making travel plans. We would like to take this opportunity to formally say: safe journey and go well. Please do bear in mind that even if you cannot make return flight bookings yet, we do have every intention to open on Monday 24th August for the new school year. Due to the recommended 14-day quarantine period we therefore ask that you plan to return by the weekend of Saturday/Sunday 8th/9th August.

Enjoy the long weekend and kind regards!

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control