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Dear NISL families,

Times are becoming increasingly uncertain and we are all facing two major concerns; financial pressure for us as adults and educational concerns for our children.

The Board previously declined the concept of a discount on the basis that costs are fixed in the short term. However, like any business or household, when pressures continue longer than expected, changes to one's cost profile and rationale have to be made.

A discount for Term One 2020/2021 will therefore be provided.
€700 = (Seven Hundred Euro)
N100,000 Naira = (One hundred thousand Naira)
This equates to approximately 22% of a Term's fees.
The discount applies to all NISL children whether we can resume as planned or follow the on line programme. 

The discount will also apply to children in Lagos who for safety reasons you prefer to home school (once we open) however, we implore that you place your trust in our careful safety measures which will be sent out next month. Details of the new and improved on line platform will also be sent next month. Specialist lessons will follow more rigorous schemes which we have invested into and Years 1 and 2 will use Class Dojo for sending in work and receiving feedback/marking (much the way that older years did). Though EYFS and Groep 1/2 lessons will still be recommended rather than mandatory, we will be offering more activities through the day for smaller groups.

Pending Government directives of course, we would also like to offer an additional Pastoral and Socialisation Week for free. This will take place in the week commencing 17th August with most staff present and with guaranteed supervision. In this week we will demonstrate our safety measures and give the children a sense of ownership, putting systems into place with school. Although some informal teaching and assessing will undoubtedly take place, the focus will be more on socialisation, discussing global matters and rediscovering each other. Formal teaching will only commence on the 24th August and baseline assessments will commence three weeks into physical teaching.

If you are enrolling younger children, in addition to the usual sibling discount, we will provide a generous discount to the Enrollment Fee for this academic year only. 
The Enrollment Fee will be as follows
Euro 1,000.= for EYFS
Euro 2,500.= for older children

The discount to the Enrollment Fee will also apply to children from “new to NISL” families.

If you have any questions pertaining to admissions or fees please contact or with Mrs Dipa in copy

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control