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Dear NISL families,

Most of you now are fully aware and understand that school opening on Tuesday 21st April is not looking as hopeful as initially planned.

We will follow government advice and assess carefully before announcing when school reopens.

Thank you for all your efforts this week and last week with distance learning. It has been commendable how the teachers, you and most of all the children have persevered.

Enjoy tomorrow's learning with your children and then a two week break.

Some of you have said you never want to see a dojo message, hear a Snappet alert or do a worksheet again and some have surprisingly asked for further help/tasks to keep children busy.

If you want some Easter activities or a list of suggested websites suitable for your children; please ask Class Teachers tomorrow and they will send you something age appropriate. This will be upon personal request only as two weeks of no work and lots of family activities are in fact strongly advised.

Teachers are also being advised to rest and focus on post Easter planning so will not be available on line or on WhatsApp groups in the same way they have been over this past fortnight.

We are planning two further weeks of distance learning JUST INCASE; for the weeks commencing 20th April and 27th April.

Teachers of older years will incorporate virtual teaching via the app ZOOM for core subjects so they get more collective face to face with their children and to give you as Parents a little less pressure. This will cover approximately two hours a day and will apply to Year 3 and Groep 4 upward.

We ask again that you keep us well informed of any emergency evacuations and fill in (or refill in) the on line travel questionnaire. Once we can reunite, whenever that may be, we need to gauge our numbers and ensure everyone's safety.

Please extend our love to each and every NISL student, take care of yourselves, stay connected, stay home and stay safe.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control