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Dear NISL families,

We hope you have all been keeping okay and have enjoyed the Easter break. Hopefully all batteries are recharged and everyone is set to go!

This Friday 17th April, you will receive the work schedules and details for next week's distance learning.

Monday 20th April (which was initially scheduled on the school calendar as a teacher training day) will now be part of distance learning for your children.

Details for week commencing 27th April will only be sent on Friday 24th April.

We would love to say that we will be reunited on site in the third week after the break; week commencing 4th May but as you will appreciate, there are no guarantees.

Some schools have announced closure until the new school year and some, like us, are taking it day by day awaiting government directives.

The Specialist tasks set before closure can be continued with and if more are needed; respective Specialist Teachers can be emailed personally.

Please try to adhere to and respect the scheduled hours of work being sent out this Friday; especially for Year 1 and Groep 3 upward. Some virtual lessons will be incorporated with Snappet/Class Dojo for older year groups via the application "Zoom".

Zoom will also be used for morning welcomes and instructions with younger classes at times.

We have piloted Zoom via Parents Reps/ class socialisation meetings and during the break, Class Teachers have undergone training as regards security, set up, pre recordings, inserting slides and most effective use of the application.

If at any point we decide to stop using virtual teaching we ask that you trust our reasons and decisions. We are willing to try it for sure but again; day by day, week by week reviews.

Distance learning as of Monday 20th April should be seen as timetabled, essential learning. If tasks are optional then we will make this clear. We strongly request that evenings are left free for family time; the teachers also need to wind down then.

Prior to the holidays we were ALL trying new things, adults and children alike. We were learning together, staff included, and though work being sent in was being monitored we were being as flexible as possible.

I now ask, that for the next two weeks, all work be submitted and accounted for within timetabled hours.
8am to 4pm distance teaching/learning.
4pm to 7pm Parents may still WhatsApp with questions.

Time zones, internet fluctuation, printing restrictions and Parents not being actual teachers/often having their own work to submit to various offices and companies, WE KNOW may create bumps along the journey, but seeing as we cannot be sure of how long this journey will be; I implore that we all take on the view that we are in this together.

We were unexpectedly placed on this journey together, we continue distance learning together and hopefully we overcome this challenge TOGETHER.

Thank you for those of you who made time to book a conference call with me this week; I and every member of the Team remain accessible so please reach out if you need to.

Separate to this rather formal message, I and the Team, have been pining to reach out to the children. Please take a few minutes to play them our video; it has been made for each and everyone of them.

Let them know we miss them, let them know we are hopeful, let them know that we're all in this together.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control