Health Safety COVID-19 Updates MORE


We all can join in taking precautionary steps to minimize the spread of COVID-19. We are taking several measures to protect our NISL families and their beloved ones. All our safety measures are in line with recommendations of local and (inter)national authorities.

Please be rest assured that all measures are taken to prevent the spread of "COVID-19" in our community.

All children, staff and other people who work in school regularly received instructions that are carried out and monitored daily

Besides personal hygiene we have increased the cleaning and disinfecting of the school, toys and other surfaces.

  • Temperatures are measured to anyone who needs to enter the NISL compound before entering the compound. Restriction of access to any person with body temperature above 37.3C
  • Access to the NISL compound will be actively managed and temporarily restricted to only children, parents/household staff for drop of/pick up and staff.
  • Hand washing for everyone who is entitled to access the compound before entering. We have provided alcohol-based hand sanitizers for this purpose.
  • As of Saturday the 14th of March, any students, parents and/or any other household member are not permitted to enter the NISL compound after landing from international travel for up to 14 days.

We are aware that some schools are closing, and we respect their decision. For NISL however we will be making our own decisions based on our own contacts and sources and relating to our own student population. For now, NISL remains open but reinforces its prevention and protection measures. However, should a decision to close be taken by the Management and Board we will communicate immediately via mail and the COVID-19 WhatsApp group.

In case of closure NISL is already prepared for distance learning.